How are you different from other healers that are also offering energy healing services?2018-06-23T07:24:42-07:00

My ability to transmit this healing energy has been scientifically validated in a series of properly designed laboratory experiments carried out by expert scientists. The results of these scientific studies have been published in international peer-reviewed science publications. I differ from other healers in that their abilities have not been validated by peer-reviewed scientific studies.

How can I be sure that you can actually transmit this energy to me?2018-06-23T07:25:21-07:00

My ability to transmit this energy has been validated in a series of well-designed and complex laboratory experiments that include living objects (animal model) and inanimate objects (extracts and minerals). See my published articles in the Science section of this website.

If I am currently healthy would I still benefit from receiving energy transmissions?2018-06-23T07:25:46-07:00

Even if you are currently healthy you can still benefit from receiving energy transmissions in other aspects of your life. For instance, many people who have received energy transmissions report greater calmness, happiness, compassion, peace, spirituality, insight, deeper relationships, and a love and appreciation for life. Still others have reported finding their life purpose, and feel more connected to Nature and God. Other individuals who practice in the healing arts and in the alternative and complementary modalities report their capabilities have been heightened after receiving the energy transmissions. This has certainly been my experience with receiving these energy transmissions.

What kind of benefits can be expected from these energy transmissions?2018-06-23T07:26:12-07:00

Each person will experience a unique benefit from the energy transmission and it will be felt in different ways. However, it is important to remember that the transformation is a process and not a single event. Benefits of receiving these energy transmissions generally falls into two broad categories: immediate benefits and long term benefits. Many individuals with health issues report immediate physical improvements and a reduction of symptoms after receiving these energy transmissions. Individuals who don’t have physical issues often report long term improvements in the quality of their life. This can include a better quality and a deeper sleep, more calmness when dealing with the day-to-day challenges of life, improved consciousness, and a more positive outlook on life. From a business perspective, individuals have reported an improvement in career satisfaction, better job opportunities, access to more clientele, the growth of their business over time, and more motivation and satisfaction with their work. From a spiritual perspective, some individuals report a deeper connection to the God of their understanding for the first time in their life. So the benefits vary for every individual.

Does one need to prepare for the energy transmission? What about receiving the energy transmission at night while I am asleep?2018-06-23T07:26:39-07:00

Once you have signed up to receive the energy transmission you do not need to do anything else to receive the energy. It is transmitted through powerful thought intention and the intelligence of the energy will do its work without any extra effort on your part. If you are scheduled to receive the energy transmission at night simply go to sleep. It does not matter where or when you decide to sleep. During your sleep, you will automatically receive the energy transmission.

What should I expect after receiving an energy transmission?2018-06-23T07:26:58-07:00

Everyone will experience something different after receiving the energy transmission. The most common response is that individuals feel refreshed or they have an increase in their energy. Others have reported improved sleep the day after the energy transmission.

Will this energy interfere with the other approaches that I am utilizing to improve my health or spirituality?2018-06-23T07:27:23-07:00

The sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe transmits a fundamental energy to us on a daily basis. All life forms on earth need this energy in order to survive. The energy that is transmitted with an energy transmission is also a fundamental energy of the universe. It is likely that it has its origin from the sun and the stars as well. By analogy, the energy transmission will not interfere with our ability to absorb the energy from the sun and the stars since it is of a similar source. Each day we continue to absorb the energy of the sun and stars independent of any other approaches that we chose to improve our health or spirituality.

Is a distance energy transmission as powerful as in-person energy transmission?2018-06-23T07:27:52-07:00

Distance or remote intercessions (distance energy transmissions) are equally as powerful as in-person intercessions (in-person energy transmissions).

If I received an energy transmission and didn’t feel anything, is it still working for me?2018-06-23T07:28:27-07:00

Everyone’s path to transformation is unique. Benefits can be felt in many different ways and at many different times. You may not even realize the results immediately. It is important to remember that transformation is a process and not an event.

During their energy transmissions, some people experience heat, shivering or tingling in their body. Some report being surrounded by an aura of white or blue light. Some cry and feel intense emotional release or find that a deep sense of peace and calm has filled their entire being. Others do not experience any immediate physical or mental sensations during or following the transmission, but this does not mean that the energy is not working.

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