Due to his own health challenges in 2006, John became aware of the influence of higher consciousness on the health and well-being of individuals. The knowledge that other natural forces in the universe and certain energetic methods can have a profound effect on healing the human body led him to study and investigate multiple healing disciplines, including mind body techniques, energy healing and energy medicine. His search led him to disciplines that relied on fundamental energies of the universe that could transform the energy in the human body. This included studies of chi, prana, qi, zero point energy, life force energy, and scalar energy. This culminated with him studying with several prominent energy healers in the energy medicine field.

In 2011 John was first introduced to Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and the Trivedi Effect® through a special webcast. He experienced the transformational power of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s remote energy transmissions which could be used to improve human consciousness, change physical matter and heal the human body. Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has the unique ability to harness this fundamental energy of the universe and transmit it to any living organisms or nonliving materials anywhere on earth. The energy is directed intelligently without any formal instructions and is tailored to an individual’s unique requirements. The transmitted energy is therefore optimized to an individual’s unique molecular biology, cellular chemistry, and atomic physical structure. Changes at these levels can lead to permanent alteration in the individual’s behavior and physical characteristics. This phenomenon is now known as the Trivedi Effect®.

John was initially attracted to the Trivedi Effect® because it is a fundamental energy which could be used to raise his consciousness and heal his body, but it has also been validated in hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific experiments giving him confidence and assurance that this energy is authentic.

John has continued to receive this fundamental powerful energy over the last five years while participating in the Trivedi Global, Inc.’s Healers Mastery Program. Receiving this transformational energy from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and his Spiritual Masters (Dahryn Trivedi, Gopal Nayak, and Alice Branton) has allowed him to improve his consciousness and develop the ability to harness and transmit this fundamental energy with other talented Biofield healers of the Healers Mastery Program. This has been a natural transition for him from researcher/scientist to an energy healer. John feels blessed that he was open to and not judgmental when he was initially exposed to the Trivedi Effect®. He has had the privilege and the once in a lifetime opportunity to be mentored and guided by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in the Healers Mastery Program.

John’s healing work along with the healing work of his colleagues in the Healers Mastery Program has been scrutinized and tested in a set of properly designed and controlled scientific experiments carried out by trained laboratory scientists. The results of the laboratory experiments demonstrate that this healing work is authentic and not the result of a placebo effect. The results and outcomes of these experiments have been published in international peer-reviewed scientific publications alongside Mr. Trivedi’s extensive scientific publications.